For Load
Thruster (From the rack)

Ascending Reps 3,6,9,12,15, etc
Clean & Jerk
Toes to Bar
Athletes will have a choice of their pathway. We will focus on monostructual movements. Below you will find a list of FOUR items to choose from. The requirement is that you choose two of the items. (Time and energy permitting, you may choose three). We will record your times as you score individully on them. 
There will be a 5 minute recovery rest between each.

Items to choose from are the following:
1 Mile Run
2K Row
100 Burpees
200 Double Unders

Diet challenge participants we are over halfway through our challenge. How are you doing? Have you logged your food on our Google PLUS Group? Remember in order to WIN you MUST LOG YOUR FOOD for a minimum of 21 days. Visit this page to log your food if you have not started already.
80% 3.3
85% 2.2.2

Clean + Jerk
80% 2+1, 1+2, 2+1
85% 1+1, 1+1

Snatch Pull
100% 4.4.4
105% 4.4

Strict T2B
Back by popular demand!!
15 Minute Skills Work
Gymnastic or Olympic Lifting
Following the  warm up, the first 15 minutes of class time will be open gym. This is the time to work on any skill work you would like whether it is Olympic lifts or Gymnastic skills. Its your time and your choice.

5 Rounds for Time
5 Wall Walk (chest to wall)
5 Ring Straight Leg Raise (Scale to Hanging Knee Raise)
15 Jackknives (Left side)
15 Jackknives (Right side)
15 Flutter kicks (R+L=1)

Side Jacknife instructional video below
For Load
EOMOM 10 Minutes
10 Box Jump 24/20 
5 Deadlift (Touch and go) add weight each round

3 Rounds for Time 
500 Meter Row/ 400 Meter Run
7 Front Squat 135/95  Advanced 155/115
21 KBS 53/35 Advanced
Muscle Snatch

Clean High Pull

Bottom up Squat (start light and increase weight)

Snatch Grip Behind the neck Press
choose weight 
For Load
Weighted Pull Ups

For Time
Handstand push Ups
Ring Dips
Push Ups
Open Gym 9 am- 12 pm
1:30 AMRAP
Weighted Sit-Ups 45/25

For Load
Front Squat

6:00 AMRAP
6 Deadlifts 155/105        
6 Hang Cleans 155/105
6 Shoulder-to-Overheads 155/105

1:30 AMRAP
Weighted Sit-Ups 45/25
With a Partner For Time
4 Rope Climb
500 M. Row
100 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
800 M. Run
100 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
500 M. Row
100 Burpees 
One person works at a Time
Power Snatch
75% 3.3
80% 3.2
85% 2.2
90% 1.1

Power Clean Touch and go
70% 3.3
75% 3.3
80% 3.3
85% 3.3

8.8.8 (choose weight
Push Press

Athletes my apologies but there has been a slight change in programming today instead of Open WOD 13.4, we will be doing Open WOD 14.1 to allow more time for your hands to recover from yesterdays WOD. We will revisit 13.4 at a later date. So for now here is the WOD

10 Minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch 75/55
In Memory of Jacen Lopez

Today's WOD is dedicated to Jacen Lopez, a young man who recently lost his battle with depression at the age of  14. Sadly in today's world the rate of childhood suicide is astounding and seems to be growing. At times like these, the sorrow can be overwhelming and our hearts and thoughts go out to the family and friends of this young man. Nikko I am very sorry for the recent loss of your friend.  May you find comfort in knowing that all of us are hear for you and care about you an I ask please that all of us do what we can to help put an end to these tragedies.


For time
14 Tire Flips
10 Rounds for Time

14 Push Ups
100 M. Sprint
14 Sit Ups
7 Pull Ups

Hang Snatch (Above knee)
65% 3.3
70% 2.2
75% 2.2

Hang Clean + Push Press
65% 1+2, 2+1, 1+2
75% 2+1, 2+1
85% 1+2, 2+1

Good Mornings

GHD Sit-ups